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Making ice cream without a refrigerator

A brief history of ice cream

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The tech innovation in Formula One

Formula One is one of my favourite sports. Things could turn one way or the other in hundredths of a second. For example, in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in 2021, the race leader, Max Verstappen, had a crash 3 laps before the race was about to end. Within a split second, he went from position […]

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The need to show your work

I recently had a chance to read the book – Show Your Work, by Austin Kleon. To say that the book has been an eye-opener will be an understatement. Barely a hundred pages long, this was the book I needed at this time. I have been thinking about what to write consistently, now that I’ve finished the Level Up series. This […]

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WeWork and Theranos – what do we learn?

What happened at WeWork and Theranos is a lesson for all of us.

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A brief history of sugar

Today, sugar is a ubiquitous substance. The entire world craves for it. But this was not always the case. The spread of sugar is a fascinating study for how products that were once not even necessary have become indispensable today. Here’s a brief history of how it happened – Some sources suggest cane sugar originated […]

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A brief history of samosas

My fascination with Samosas had me go down the rabbit hole of finding their origin story and write a Twitter thread about it. Samosas originated in the middle east. Persian literature from the 10th century has a lot of mentions of early variants of the modern samosas. These samosas were filled with minced meat. In […]

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Are increasing life spans a good thing?

Last year, I read a book called Factfulness by Hans Rosling. This book has, to an extent, changed my perspective on human evolution. It has provoked thoughts in me, led me to read up more on where we as the human race are heading, and given me a number that I’m fixated on — The […]

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Too many “platforms”

About a month ago, I was in the middle of my annual website upgrade. I’ve been running this website on and I wanted to look for more flexible platforms. Specifically, I was looking for a place where I could also embed a newsletter sign-up form for The obvious choice was a self-hosted wordpress […]

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Learnings from my experiments

Why write this essay?  Since I was in college, I’ve continuously kept myself engaged with one or the other “side project.” So far, these have been writing-related projects primarily, but I hope to expand into other types too.  Though the monetary income from these projects is almost nil, the learnings have been paramount. But what […]

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Hero’s journey for Deewaar

A few months ago, Saurabh and Shreya wrote down the Hero’s journey for Munna Bhai MBBS, which was helpful to me and a lot of other aspiring filmmakers! I had heard about the Hero’s journey earlier, but this was a very interesting way to break down and analyze a story. As a writer, I often […]