Fiction Short Stories Small businesses

💭The cost of your dreams

A story of a dreamer who goes out of his way to achieve them.

Shubham wants to be an F-1 racer. Can he be one, without the required money?

Fiction Short Stories Small businesses

🍨🍝Ice cream or noodles?

A story of two small businesses competing for the same customers. Who wins?

Fiction school school-game Short Stories

Early retirement

A short story about how a cricketer had to retire without playing much cricket.

This is a story about how some people never get a second chance.

Mumbai Short Stories

The Water Boy

This story originally appeared in my short-story series, Easy But Hard. In this series, I take a look at stories of people that are easily forgotten. Subscribe here to get short stories delivered to your inbox every other week. “Bhaiya, chalenge?” I asked the auto-rickshaw driver. This was the fifteenth rickshaw since I started waving […]

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Teslas are here – what’s next?

The temperature this summer was the highest in the past fifty years. The summer sun was blowing fire on the faces of people. The city buses, trains, cars and trains had their cooling systems working at full capacity, resulting in hot air from exhaust pipes and air conditioners spreading in the air, intensifying the heat […]

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Critic’s rating

The story of a movie critic.

Fiction Short Stories villages

Shutter down

The story of a village where a factory is refusing to pay the workers.

Fiction Machine Short Stories villages

Escape velocity

An old man who wants to be on the first commercial flight to space

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“Sahab, Diwali aa rahi hai,” Ravi mentioned to his boss.   The boss smiled and handed him a new Rs. 2000 note. The awe on his face was more than a person stepping on an airplane for the first time. His eyebrows were raised and his eyes gleamed with hope.   As he left the house, he was reminded of the hard work he had put […]

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Chai time

A story about a boy who turns to selling tea as a way to buy an Xbox