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WeWork and Theranos – what do we learn?

What happened at WeWork and Theranos is a lesson for all of us.

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Too many “platforms”

About a month ago, I was in the middle of my annual website upgrade. I’ve been running this website on and I wanted to look for more flexible platforms. Specifically, I was looking for a place where I could also embed a newsletter sign-up form for The obvious choice was a self-hosted wordpress […]

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🌿Grass on the other side

⌚ Reading time = 5 minutes This story originally appeared in my short-story series, Easy But Hard. In this series, I take a look at stories of people that are easily forgotten. Subscribe to add a small dose of fiction in your busy inbox. The other side “Howdy?” Amar asked Sadaa after opening the door […]

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Business opportunities for the next decade

This is a guide for entrepreneurs who want to start new businesses. If you want to start a business but wondering what to start, here are 20 trends you could learn from.

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The day of failure

The story of a person who wants to fail.

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Sir, add an ‘e’ before the mail

“Hello?” the old postman uttered into the phone lying on his desk. The phone was surrounded by files whose edges had been feasted upon by rats. Rays of the setting sun penetrated the doorway of the post office and glowed on the metal desk behind which he was sitting. While his ears were listening, his eyes were captivated by the cables that […]