Welcome to my online home!

Welcome to my online home!

Hey there! This is Hemant R Joshi. I’m a writer and a Product Manager.

The world around us is changing so rapidly with the internet, which is barely 30 years old. The changes that we are undergoing each day are too fast to keep up with. Through my stories, I try to highlight the stories that we would often miss out on.

I’ve written 2 books, 20+ essays, 50+ short stories and countless first drafts.

I share notes on books I am reading, my short stories and other musings every week via e-mail. Come, learn with me (I won’t send you spam emails)

On this website, you’ll find my books, short stories and essays. Happy reading.

Hemant R Joshi
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Here’s a quick peek into my work:

Books –

The Advisory Board:

From childhood, I have always been fascinated by drivers of any and every kind. They move me (no pun intended).

My second book, a collection of 25 short stories, is a tribute to taxi drivers. Taxi drivers make for interesting conversations and can provide some of the best advice in the world.

You can download the book for free here!

Digital Nervous Breakdown

The book was my first ever attempt at writing fiction for publishing, so getting it published felt like a dream. The book explores the question – ‘What if the entire world was a database and it got hacked?’

The book won the ‘Views and Vistas’ competition by Vishwakarma Publications, Pune in 2015.

Short stories

I write short stories to explore how the world is changing because of technology. I believe that every person has a unique story, and by placing people in unusual circumstances, we are exposed to the best ones. Read more about why I write short stories here.

I started writing a weekly short story series in January 2020. Called “Easy But Hard,” this collection will take you to the people and moments you missed out. If you want to add a bit of fiction to your busy inbox, check it out here.


I also write essays sharing what I learn from my online experiments. These are my experiments with blogging, trying to build communities, etc. You can read the essays here.

Product Management

I work as a Product Manager at Indeed, building new products to help people get jobs. My journey at Indeed has been full of learnings, with many new product launches, failures, and rapid experimentation. It has been one of the most rewarding journeys of my life.

Feel free to connect if you’re interested in learning more.

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