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About the book

Shekhar Tripathi’s car gets slammed by an SUV while it is parked in front of his apartment building. He is informed that the car is no longer drive-able. He is already in grief, not having recovered from his wife’s death three months ago. At the same time, his business – Westland Tourism, is dwindling rapidly.

Front page, The Advisory Board
A book about taxi drivers.

He feels lonely. How could someone take all important things away from him so easily?

The next morning, he is forced to take a taxi for the first time in five years. The driver tells him a horrific story, which convinces Shekhar that not all of his life is done. After this rocking journey, Shekhar is convinced to take another taxi ride. Accompanied by taxi drivers, Shekhar begins his quest for survival.

The book is rated 4.32 on Goodreads and 4.4 on Amazon.

For entrepreneurs like Shekhar, finding the right advisors is one of the most important thing. But, finding good advisors is hard. In the book, I argue that Talking to Strangers is the best way to get advice for free.

Taxi drivers are full of insights, as they meet with tens of people every single day. They know their cities and people, which often leads to amazing insights. Also, most of the taxi drivers are open to talking while driving, so why not get their advice?

The book is also available on Amazon, Flipkart, and Notionpress.

You can read more on why I write about drivers here.