YouTube for creators

YouTube for creators With all the criticism YouTube receives for not helping the very people that helped it grow so fast, a deeper dive shows that YouTube is actually helping creators make a living off its platform. A majority of the $15 billion YouTube earned in 2019 went to its creators. Let’s look at some YouTube features for creators. … Continue reading YouTube for creators

Technology for senior citizens

A few weeks ago, I helped my dad create a Google doc rather than creating a document on a computer locally. The process was revealing. Even the simplest questions like, “How do you save this?” required me to think of a good explanation. “It saves automatically,” was not good enough. To add to that, the … Continue reading Technology for senior citizens

The business of e-sports

This article was originally published on SportsKeeda. With the increasing focus on building and popularizing leagues for Football, Kabaddi, Hockey, Badminton and other sports, India is growing as a sporting nation. Viewership and revenue for domestic leagues are growing year over year, with different sports starting to pick up steam with diverse audiences. The performance at the … Continue reading The business of e-sports

Audio – the next channel for content creators

Audio cassette

Over the past decade, one thing that has come up clearly is that people can make money through their passion. This has been proven with thousands of YouTubers, Instagrammers, bloggers, etc. The internet offers more tools than ever before to earn money through your passion, be it photography, writing, editing or merely assisting others with … Continue reading Audio – the next channel for content creators

Cold contacts are the ultimate skill

Over the past couple of months, with my book, The Advisory Board being published, I’ve been heavily invested in ensuring that the book reaches the right people. For books, ‘word-of-mouth’ is the ultimate way to spread a word about the book. But until a book starts to spread itself, it is the author’s and publisher’s responsibility … Continue reading Cold contacts are the ultimate skill

Buses provide an untapped opportunity for startups

Subscribe to my newsletter to get posts about new business opportunities every week. Introduction Public transportation is one of the most essential tenets of sustainable cities. A better transportation system cannot just have positive impact towards a greener planet, but also in productivity and happiness. Even though this is well-known, the fact remains that a … Continue reading Buses provide an untapped opportunity for startups