Easy But Hard

A short story collection of common people in unusual circumstances.

In the modern, fast-paced world, who has the time to sit back for a few minutes? We are all occupied with work – some are busy getting a deluge of things assigned by their bosses, while others are working on being better bosses. It is paradoxical – the technologies that we created to ease our lives are leading to new problems and opportunities, which are forcing us to upskill.

With the rapid technological shift happening in the world, some people find it hard and some find it easy.

But one thing is common despite the diversity of people technology is touching. Everyone of us has their own story of how our lives have fundamentally changed.

Be it the teacher who is now starting an online class, a painter who is now using a stylus to draw animations, a writer who is adapting to newer forms of media, or a young person who tasted success with YouTube.

Stories are everywhere.

We are a compilation of the stories we make.

Through this short story collection, I will explore the lives of people around us. The goal is to find out what they would do when placed with an unusual circumstance.

Join me in this journey of exploring short stories.